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A Japanese-style room where everything is open in a guest room, the specification.
Some space calms down and wraps a heart quietly.
An individual will also arrange a banquet hall according to the group travel and the group, think out of travel in Shinano-ji and a holiday in a resort and take something deep.
A guest room, 22 mats 24 mats of 10 mats, 12 rooms and 12 mats and 14 mats for 4 rooms are 1 room for each and total 19 rooms.
Please use it according to the purpose and the number of people.

Free Wifi-spot availavle on the 1st floor.
Payment is cash only, credit cards, are not available..




Information of Nagano
Nagano is located in the central part of Japan. 21million people live in a good natural environment surround by mountains.
It is 1 and half hour distance from Tokyo by bullet train. Its capital city, Nagano city, is famous for having the 1998 winter Oympic games.

It has long been a tourist spot and used to be a temple town of Zenko-ji, but nowadays it is more of a mecca of outdoor sports throughout the year.

Yamanouchi in Nagano prefecture is famous among foreign tourists fot its wild snow monkeys that bathe in the natural hot springs.

There are 9 hot springs in the area and the town retain its traditional Japanese atmosphere.
Surrounded by beautiful mountains, you can enjoy the picturesque national park and countryside. You are sure to see some unspoilt scenery.

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